Wish List

While researching how and what the CACB wanted to include on our web page we came across a band that had a “Wish List”.  This seemed like a novel and wonderful idea and although we are an established band, we have many items that would help us grow.  Here is a  “wish” or “dream” list of items that the CACB would faithfully use and preserve.

New Music: These can be purchased from JW Pepper music distributor

“American Flourish” by Robert W. Smith

“Christmas Decaration”  Robert W. Smith

“Campbell River Sketches” by Mark Williams

“Fanfare for a Celebration” by Gary D. Ziek

Old or used concert band music to enlarge our library

Hanging file folders (box bottom) for music storage

Reams of paper

Quality black folding stands

Musical wind clips that secure music in outdoor concerts

Large (and expensive) Instruments that few own such as:

Tympani, Chimes, Marimba, Synthesizer

Most outrageous but most genuine wish is for a building the band would make into its “home” with room for its music library, instrument storage and an acoustically acceptable rehearsal space.  Without a dream how can a dream come true?