The Capital Music Association was established in 1992 by a group of dedicated musicians and music educators who enjoyed rehearsing and performing music. Believing that other local musicians would also be interested in playing and providing music for their community, they formed the core of the Capital Area Concert Band.  As the band became established emphasis was placed on encouraging high school students to continue their musical pursuits after graduation.  Musicians of all levels and ages were encouraged to join in practicing and presenting music for the community.  On April 30th 2012, the band held its 20th Anniversary Concert for families and friends of the band.

The first concert performed by the Capital Area Concert Band (CACB) was in 1992 for the Memorial Day Ceremony held at Mills and Mills Cemetery and Memorial Gardens in Tumwater, WA.  CACB has performed there every year since with the exception of 2011.  A loyal community following requested  we return in 2012 and CACB looks forward to continuing the tradition.  Over the years the CACB has also participated in the opening ceremonies of the Thurston County Fair and the Tumwater 4th of July Parade.  The band has provided many concerts at local retirement homes such as, The Firs, Bonaventure, Woodland, Capital Place and Patriot’s Landing.  In the summer of 1996 the band performed for the passing of the Olympic Torch as it passed through Olympia, Washington. They also have performed for the annual charity event known as “Christmas Forest”, which benefits Olympia’s St. Peter’s Hospital.

The Capital Area Concert Band’s first conductor was Frank Minear. Sam Reed, Robert Henderson and Jerry Huff carried on as conductors with varying lengths served in that position.  Sam Reed is still an active band member. Jerry Huff passed the baton to Diana Appler in 2006.  Diana temporarily relinquished the position to Kevin Roberston in 2011 while she pursued her Master’s degree at Central Washington University. She returned in 2012 and has proudly has resumed conducting the CACB. The band enjoys strong support today from the community.